Ejderha AvcısıKorku-Gerilim (Yabancı)

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    Ejderha Avcısı
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    Orphanedas a baby when his parents were killed in a vicious orc attack,Kendrick of Elwood was raised by his elder brother, Darius. Though onlynine at the time, Darius devoted his life to Kendrick’s care and topurging orcs from their land. As Darius grew into a great warrior, hesheltered Kendrick from all possible harm. Now, after years of absence,a new danger emerges, more lethal than the threat of orcs or men.Reports of dragon attacks spread like wildfire through the panickedland. In memory of his mother’s prophesies of a mighty Dragon Hunter intheir bloodline, Darius leads Kendrick on a perilous journey to thecastle of Ocard.
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